Vegetarian/Vegan options

From Whidbey FYI

Dining on the island with plant-based options

✅ = two or more entrees plant-based without modification

🟨 = one entree plant-based without modifications

🟠 = entrees only plant-based with modifications

❌ = No plant-based entrees

Name City Vegetarian Options Vegan Options Notes
Cozy's Clinton Vegetarian pub food (fries, mac & cheese bites, cheese pizza, salads, etc)
Island Nosh Clinton 🟨 Vegan stir fried tofu & veggie noodle bowl. Vegetarian noodle bowls with cheese and eggs
Hong Kong Garden Clinton Sesame Tofu, Dry cooked eggplant, veggie Mu Shu and many other plant-based options
Bailey's Corner Store Clinton Grilled cheese, fries, mozzarella sticks
Whidbey Island Bagel Factory Clinton Bagels with cream cheese and vegan schmear options. Vegetarian and vegan sandwhiches
Pickle's Deli Clinton Salads, Grain bowls, vegetarian soup, many plant-based sandwhiches
Patron Clinton 🟠 Many vegetarian Mexican dishes. Some can be vegan with modifications
Ultra House Langley vegetarian dumplings, vegan and vegetarian rice bowl and ramen
The Braeburn Langley 🟨 Many breakfast egg/cheese dishes, one vegan stew
Langley Kitchen Langley 🟠 Coffee shop with deli-style entrees (Frittata, veggie sandwiches, PB&J, etc)
Village Pizzeria Langley 🟨 Classic Pizza and Pasta restaurant. Vegetarian pastas and salads
Savory Langley 🟨 🟠 One side, one salad, one entree that are vegetarian
Inn at Langley Langley Breakfast (guests only) is almost all vegetarian, much vegan.
Seabiscuit Langley Many vegetarian pastries and sandwiches, and coffeeshop fare
El Corral Langley 🟠 Many vegetarian Mexican dishes. Some can be vegan with modifications
Geri's Snack Shack Langley 🟨 🟨 Great fast-food style veggie burger
Whidbey Doughnuts Langley 🟨 Diner food and daily vegan dounuts
Taproom@Bayview Corner Langley 🟨 Pub food + salads and sandwiches
Flower House Langley 🟨 Breakfast and lunch sandwiches
OSM Eats Langley Dedicated vegan menu with many options
China City Freeland 🟨 Americanized Chinese food
IC Teriyaki Freeland 🟨 🟨 Tofu Teriyaki
Fare Market Freeland Veggie Pho, Tofu Banh Mi, vegan grilled cheese
Freeland Cafe Freeland 🟨 Diner food, grilled cheese, multiple veggie burgers
Rocket Taco Freeland Two signature vegan fillings for tacos, burritos, and quesadillas
Penn Cove Brewing Company Freeland 🟨 Imitation replacement for all chicken sandwiches, black bean burger
Gordon's on Blueberry Hill Freeland Multiple vegan entrees (change regularly)
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